Do You Desire To Have Your Own Successful Online Business ?


Have you been aspiring or dreaming of having your own  successful internet business with little or no success at all ? Then this is for you.
Read every word of it.

The number 1 online coach is at it again,taking you by the hand and showing you how to set up your own money making site within 4 weeks- called 4weeks fast track.

There have been many misconception about making money online,a lot of mis leading stuffs such as “you only need 15min a day to be successful”etc

To cut the long story short you need to be taken by the hand by successful
internet marketers who aso know how to teach it.

What to know about the trainer:

1) He started making his $250/day within 6 months of starting online with no
experience at all

2) He also made his $1000/day withing 6 months

3) He had a product lunch in 2010 that made over $1,000,000 in sales  within 24hrs of lunching it

4) He has been voted no 1 internet marketing service online consecutively severally.

To say the least he is my mentor

Lets stop there rush here if you have  a means of paying :

and read every word of it to see what the training have to offer

Here is the main reason for sending you this mail: for those who cant afford it

Am aware that a lot of guys have problems spending that amount for quality training but I came out with a solution:

I need only 6 people who will pay 20,000 naira each to get access to this training.That amount will also cover some other expenses like domain and hosting needed during the traIning

This offer will not last more than 48hrs so if you want it rush now and reserve

your spot by sending a text to this number: 08052445026

content of text: “Yes am interested, your name,phone number and city”

e.g ” Yes am interested, adeola olajide, 08036771048, port harcourt”

Note that about a thousand and five hundred (1500) people are reading this so getting 6 people fast would not be a problem so fastest fingers first.

Waiting for your response within 48hrs as the training has just started and u can still catch up:

And if you want this all alone but having issues with the payment method just reply this mail to make your intention known as we will handle that for you:

Epayment Expert

Buying ebay products


Do you want to buy any computer, electronics, phone, ipad , computer parts ,clothing , shoes etc  on ebay? We’ ve made another breakthrough in our PAY 4 ME SERVICE TO NIGERIANS. It’s a major  breakthrough in our paypal services.

How can use I get anything from ebay?

What are you waiting for ?go here  http// and start placing your ebay orders. Supply the url of the product or product link, amount and description of what you want and we will get it to your doorstep here in Nigeria.

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Make your First dollar Writing Online: Earn Your money into your bank Account


To keep my promise I will be taking you on a ride to earning your first dollar online and also converting the paypal income to naira in your nigeria bank account.

When I sent the email last week I waited this long to give room to all who will be interested and also those who have flair for writing or who are gifted in writing to respond so they can start earning online.

To many Nigerians earning online is a fluke or scam, but if you follow me I will prove it to you that you can earn residual income online or better still make a living from online jobs.

Straight to point, Here is the website and process of earning your first dollar:

1) Click the link below or copy the link below and it will take to the writing jobs site am

talking about.

2) Click on “register” on the top right corner of the site

3) Fill in your details: Fist name, Last name, email, username, password and confirm password. Tick the box to agree to the terms and “click sign me up”

That’s all for signing up.

4)The next thing is for you to login with your username and password.

5)click “write content” and it will take you to where the jobs are listed.


A little explanation about the site

It’s a site bringing writers and requesters together. Te article requester post the job he wants to be done with the details .The writer checks out which one he is able to write and clicks “write articles” to secure the job.

He completes the job within the specified time and then submits it .The requester has 72hrs at most to review the job and either approve, reject or ask you to make some corrections. Otherwise the article is approved automatically and the writer is credited with the payment reserved for it

If the requester is pleased with your write up he approves and instantly your account is credited with the amount quoted for the job.

It all depends on the requester to accept your job if it’s ok or not. So as a writer you need to keep improving yourself by reading different types of writings you see them request for. Some requesters wants professional tone while some want friendly tone. Some want press release others want sales pages, product reviews etc. The requester will instruct you on what he wants. So feel free to contact the requester when you choose his job on anything you need clarification on.

The moment your article is accepted your account is credited with the amount quoted on the job and will ask you to fill your paypal details.

Please note that though you are not required to change your ip before working with iwriter but when you are asked to fill in your paypal details dont fill nigeria as a country because when you supply your paypal account it will refuse to be updated

The good news is that I hAVE A SOLUTION  TO THAT- receiving your paypal payments has not been more easier. If you have a functional paypal just put your paypal email and any address from any country will be ok.If you don’t have ask me to receive your funds for you and and convert it to naira for you and i will tell you the process. It’s one of my services. (shoot me a mail:

Note that if you put USA as your country because your paypal is US paypal you will be required to fill in SSN (social security number) which you don’t have. So choose any country address apart from USA  and Nigeria.

Here is a challenge for you. I want to see who will earn his first dollar through I writer. The first person will be entitled to a discount from me if he wants a paypal account or he wants to buy something online or whichever of my services he wants.


Solution to those who don’t have a paypal account

Anyone that don’t have a paypal account and wants to be earning from I writer need not fear I also receive genuine funds for people who walk online. Check out my site

When you earn your first dollar just send me a mail I will provide you with a paypal and details to fill in your iwriter account and be receiving the funds for you and converting it to naira for you in your bank account withing 24hrs


Payments by I writer

Iwriter have 4 different plans of payment

1) every Tuesday

2) Every other Wednessday

3) Every 25th of every month

4) Every 5th of every month

You are free to change from one anyone to another at anytime.

Writing Your Articles on Iwriter

When you have clicked WRITE ARTICLES AND the article has been given you to write. You need to go through the instructions again and note all that the requester wants.

Then google the keyword or or topic and open 3 or more webpages on your topic then read them and simply write them in your own words and be creative in your writings. Iwriter forbids you from copying any site or statements verbatim. They will reject your job if you copy. Just write in your own words. They use copyscape to check your work. If it’s found on any website the same way you wrote it it will not be accepted. So as much as possible don’t copy verbatim

There are 3 categories of writers on I writer:

1) Standard writers

2) Premium writers

3) Elite writers

1) Standard writers: This is the category you belong to. Your jobs are right at bottom of “write content” page (writers earnings are quoted in white colour). When you have up to 30 write ups and you are able to maintain 4.0 rating then you move to the next stage and you get paid higher amounts per article

2) Premium writers: This category  have written more than 30 jobs (30 reviews) and have at least 4.0

They have their jobs at the top of the standard writers own and the writer’s earnings are quoted in yellow

3) Elite writers: This category have at least 30 reviews and have maintain at least 4.6 rating out of 5.They get paid highest amounts per article. The writer’s earnings are quoted in blue.

I will be stopping here for now. You are free to to email me if you need any help on anything. Shoot me a mail at

If you want to have a functional paypal account you can you can check this page on my site:

or if you want to do it yourself check here:






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