Buy Paypal

Buy Paypal funds through us.The rate is not stable. Pls call 08052445026 for current rate. All you have to do is make payment to our bank account and send your paypal details through and payment notification through here

Note that we don’t buy paypal funds from clients but client that have genuinely earned funds can contact us to help them withdraw it


  1. ikpa kc says:

    i am from nigeria and i need a paypal account

    • admin says:

      you can get the details here
      will need your name, email and date of birth.It will be ready 72hrs after payment is confirmed.see detais in the above link. pay 9500 into aout acct o that page and notify us through

  2. kemi says:

    I want to ope paypal account in Nigeria how will I go about it need more enlighthing ment on it

    • admin says:

      I have 2 solutions for you.The first one is if you want to do it yourself, i wrote a comprehensive ebook for that purpose, it goes for 3000.details here htt://

      The other one is that I do it for you and teach you how to operate it safely in nigeria after I set up the account for you.This is where the problem lies many open and can use the next minute cos paypal limits it. To get this check the current price here scroll down and get present amount THOUGH THE ORDER WILL SOON CLOSE (Recommended option)

  3. Edu B says:

    How much in US dollar will I get on my paypal account if I pay N2500 into your account?

  4. sunday says:

    Hi there,
    Glad to contact you. I intend sending money to a factory in china, using paypal account.
    Can you assist and avail me the requirements therein.?

    • admin says:

      Yes i can help you.How much is involved.Ones you make payment to my bank account .i will do your job under 2hrs.Further correspondence through my email

  5. Glovist says:

    I have a website which requires me to av an Paypal account so that they can pay me there as soon as i earn from them, can Paypal help me out in such way that the money can be sent to my bank account here in Nigeria and what’s the process…. and i wish to contact the online customer care to ask more…


    • admin says:

      dont even try to contact them on that.They dont want to smell anything nigeria.The solution we provide:we dont register with paypal with nigeria details.We can also help you withdraw your genuine funds from paypal.If you have any just contact us through our email on our contact page

  6. Stephen says:

    Hw much paypal will u sell for me if i pay 1500 for the paypal.

  7. dacova says:

    do u do shipping, if so how much do you to ship from china to nigeria

    • admin says:

      it depends on what you are shipping and weight.never use china post,u may never get your item.send mail to email stated on the contact page

  8. ilesanmi says:

    i want to sell $62 dollars PayPal .How much will i receive in Nigeria currency.

    • admin says:

      we dont buy paypal.we can only help you to withdraw it.Firstly what is the source of your fund?i mean how did you get it?