Paypal Services

We offer different kinds of paypal services such as:

1) Opening of verified paypal accounts for clients,

2) funding of paypal accounts,

3) receiving of paypal funds for genuine online jobs on behalf of our clients.

4) We fund paypal accounts for you.

5) We also help convert your genuinely earned paypal funds to naira.i.e buy your paypal funds.

Dont hesitate to send us a mail to


  1. Anthony u. says:

    Dear sir,

    I would like to open a paypal account while am in Nigeria how do you do that for me to be able to buy thing on net

  2. Esther says:

    Please how do I operate this, when I do not have any of the above cards

  3. joan says:

    Hi, is it possible for me to operate a U.S phone number from nija here. As in receive calls and make calls from it?

  4. Ifure says:

    I want to do online biznes wit d paypal acct, d coy in charge is to pay into my pay py ppaypal acct… hw will i witdraw frm d acct.. pls reply tro my email address

  5. Jim Balogun says:

    After your video (which only showed halfway) I stilldo not know know to open a Paypal account here in Nigeria. There was no further link to follow. What do I do?

  6. ohe says:

    I am a Nigerian domainer. I make money parking domain names online but my parking company requires that I use paypal to withdraw money which I do not have. can u help me withdraw into your paypal while you pay me in Naira. My number is 08084219399

  7. bibi says:

    please i want to withdraw my funds from my paypal account. i was referred here by a friend that told me you are an expert. so how is it going to be. please contact me @

    • admin says:

      How much and how did you get/earn the fund?You will be screened to ensure its genuine funds.Explain in details to .Then I take my service charge of 10% and pay you the balance in current prevailing dollar rate (157/dollar) for now.

  8. daniel says:

    I need some cash & got about 90usd in my paypal acc how do we roll?

    • olayanjugto says:

      sorry i just access the comments on my site.had some issues .I realised I have already withdrawn it for you.Thanks

  9. chima says:

    i need a paypal account here in nigeria, how can u help me.

  10. Pls! Can you cash out my paypal for me. I’ve $960 Balance but limited since 2007. Reply me via or

  11. Akinrinola Akinyemi says:

    Pls i need your help to be able withdraw from a foreign payapl account here in Nigeria. My payapl account has been requested for by my partner but i couldn’t reply because i didn’t have one. Please help me out.

    • admin says:

      send further corresponding to my email: I need to know what you did to earn.what business are u into? you need to let me know what you are being paid for.I will then let you know the process involved

  12. prince azaah says:

    i have a paypal account and am expecting some payment from a payper click company can you buy my pay pal.

  13. Evanzy says:

    Pls, i want to ask how much i’ll pay to you in helping me open a paypal account here in Nigeria, everything including the funding. If am to fund it with $ 60 dollars. Hw much will everything cost in total?

  14. Olurotimi Oladipo says:

    Pls, how much will it cost me to help me open a paypal account in Nigeria plus funding it with $100 dollars, everything together. thanks

    • admin says:

      opening alone is 9000 naira. funding with $100 is 19500. so total is 28500. I will personally put you through how to make your purchases only without any problem from paypal.

  15. joe says:


    • admin says:


  16. Chris says:

    Good day, pls I want to fund my Paypal account but I want to know if I can make use of it to purchase since the account is not yet verified.
    That is, if you fund my unverified paypal account, can I make use of it to purchase online?

  17. jesse says:

    please send me your paypal details,so that i can transfer
    fund into your pp account

  18. babatunde says:

    Need help from u pls sir