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We are a proven and reliable expert/consultant in the market of E-currency exchanges and mobile banking agency, popularly known as Point of Sale(POS) services

E-currency means electronic currency and is a means of exchange with which you can make and receive payments online

No one can guarantee the safety of some of the E-currencies, they can disappear anytime. Just buy/keep as much as you need only. E-currencies are used online as means of exchange for goods and services over the internet. Before you can use e-currency, the merchant/beneficiary must accept it. E-currencies are mostly used for or by forex traders Forex, online Investments, bookings, hosting/Domain names, etc.


There are so many e-currencies. To get an account with any, go to their official website to get or create an account with them. Better still, you can contact us for professional piece of advice for free and note that most of them are free to open.

We are the most enterprising and reliable e-currency exchange company where you can buy/sell E-currencies with peace of mind. Get started with us today by creating an account with us today in order to fund any of your E-currency account.

Please note that the price fluctuates. Please check the homepage or Exchange rate page of our website or login to your member area on our website to see the current price. You can buy/sell/exchange E-currencies from us on our website. To buy/sell on our website, register for an account, activate your account and login, and then click Buy E-currency if you want to BUY. Click Sell e-currencies if you want to SELL. Follow the instructions, fill the form correctly, verify the details and submit your request/order.

Terms of Use

User's Agreement Use of E-PAYMENT EXPERT service means that user accepts and agree to all the terms and conditions of this agreement.

Terms of Services You agree that you are at least 18 years of age and are sufficient of age in your country of residence to sign a legally binding contract and engage in Internet related activities. E-PAYMENT EXPERT may change terms and conditions of this Agreement at any time at its sole discretion. Use of any service provided by E-PAYMENT EXPERT means that the User accepts all the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

The parties to this Agreement are E-PAYMENT EXPERT and the User.

  1. E-payment Expert is the name of the system owned by E-PAYMENT EXPERT, Nigeria, accessible via Internet through the interface located at http://www.epaymentexpert.com.
  2. User is any registered member of the website http://www.epaymentexpert.com, who uses any services provided by E-PAYMENT EXPERT at his/her own free will.
  3. E-currency is a non-interest bearing instrument, designed to circulate as a media of exchange.
  4. Accepted e-currency is any e-currency listed at http://www.epaymentexpert.com for which E-PAYMENT EXPERT provides its services.
  5. Payment is the transfer of electronic or conventional currency from the payer to the payee.
  6. Payment method is any of the means of funds transfer listed at http://www.epaymentexpert.com, including e-currency to e-currency transfer and bank transfer.

The parties to this agreement are E-PAYMENT EXPERT and the user. The user understands that the name, address, phone number, banking details, E-currency account details and any other personal identification information including documents such as (phone bills, electricity bills or other utility bills) must be true and correct details, belonging to the user.

The user may not purchase E-currency from or sell E-currency to E-PAYMENT EXPERT on behalf of another person or using another person’s bank, credit card or E- currency account details. E-PAYMENT EXPERT does not accept third-party payments. The person sending funds must be the owner or have access to the chosen Digital Currency account in which the funds are being spent to. E-PAYMENT EXPERT will not transfer your personal details to others unless requested to do so with a court order, Government Authority. E-PAYMENT EXPERT will not take any actions against you without a court order or any other legal basis. E-PAYMENT EXPERT reserves the right to inhibit any orders with suspicious content.

The user understands that E-PAYMENT EXPERT does not endorse any digital currency related investments, or merchants. The user understands that E-PAYMENT EXPERT warns against investing digital currency in so called high yield investment programs (hyip's) as there is a very high chance that the user will loose their digital currency.

Any tax consequences of E-PAYMENT EXPERT transactions are the sole responsibility of User. User indemnifies E-PAYMENT EXPERT from any liability in the event that a Digital Currency issuer does not deliver upon its promise to provide the service associated with maintaining their E-currency accounts. The user understands that the use of e-currency exposes User to the risk of loss of market value.

In particular, acquiring, owning and using Digital Currency as money involves market risk and is not suitable for all persons.

Privacy Policy

All information collected in order forms is used solely by E-payment Expert to process the customer Orders. Your privacy is important to us, which is why we will never trade or sell your personal information. We will collect your Personal Information such as your name, email address, ecurrency account number and contact number. E-payment Expert shall not reveal users contact or identifying information or transaction history to any third party, unless ordered by a court or arbitration body of acceptable jurisdiction. This information is used only to process customer orders.

At this time, Cookies are not used by E-payment Expert. However, in the future, we may use Cookies to store information about your current visit.

E-payment Expert may contain links to other Web Sites ("Linked Sites"). The Linked Sites are not under the control of us and we are not responsible for the contents of any Linked Site, including without limitation any link contained in a Linked Site, or any changes or updates to a Linked Site. We are not responsible for the privacy policies, the content or the accuracy of information of such Web sites.

How To Pay?

  1. Click the "Register" button at the top of the home page and fill out the registration form with your details.
  2. After you have registered successfully, login to your account.
  3. Once you login to your account, you will see different tabs at the left and up to date rates at the center of the page.
  4. Then Click/Select Sell/Buy depending on your mission, fill the order form accordingly and click on Send/Submit order.
  5. Follow the INSTRUCTIONS as written on the page or e-mail.
  6. After you must have made deposit to our Bank Account in case you are buying E-currency, you could contact us our WhatsApp line + 234 817 316 9429 for the prompt processing of your order.
  7. You are done.
  8. Your order would be processed according to our execution policy usually displayed on the ordering page once we've confirmed or received your payment or fund.

ll payments should go to the bank account details stated on our website.

Your names on our website must be on the bank account you are paying us from i.e we don't accept third party payment.

If you have any question, kindly call or whatsapp us in 012931906, 08091833866 or email: support[at]ijamexchange.ng

Thank you for choosing E-payment Expert

Kindly contact us with your question through our website's CHAT or contact page or social media preferably whatsapp.

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