Fund Paypal

Fund paypal accounts through us.Paypal funds goes for $215/$ for now.It flunctuate. Pls contact us for latest price.

All you needto do to fund your paypal account  is to make payment to our bank account and send us your paypal account and payment details


  1. Maurice says:

    I need your account detail for funding my PayPal account and would also want to know how if one can transfer fund from an unverified PayPal account to another

  2. Maurice says:

    I need your account detail for funding PayPal account and would also want to Know how I can transfer fund from my unverified PayPal account to another PayPal account

  3. Ayodeji says:

    Pls, send me your acct details

  4. shittu murphy says:

    pls send me ur acct details and phone number wanna tlk to someone. thanks

    • admin says:

      It cost $20 perfect money. or 4000 naira only.The bank account has been sent to your email

  5. Good day sir, pls i need to fund my paypal account using ur services & also will like to receive payment locally in nigeria transfered through from my paypal account to my firstbank account.

    • admin says:

      I can fund your paypal account for you.It goes for $195/dollar.Though will soon go up again.A mail will be sent to your email for the process

  6. nature says:

    i want to open a payl account and fund with $20. How can you help?

  7. nature says:

    i want to open a payl account and fund with $20. How can you help?….

  8. nature says:

    i want to open a paypal account and fund with $20. How can you help?……

    • admin says:

      funding with $20 will cost you 3900 naira only but opening for you will be 12500.This payment covers the software for accessing ur acct, the verified paypal acct andmy one of one with you (online) teaching you how to operate your account safely in nigeria. The acct details to pay into can be found on and the present rate.just scroll down

  9. King says:

    Please, i will like to call you. kindly email me your telephone number.

  10. Jaunty says:

    Do u sell VCC for verifying paypal? Or can u help me verify my paypal?

    • admin says:

      Ye s I do. which country is your paypal? I can help you verify your paypal if you have not mis handled your account before now

  11. nifesi says:

    this is my paypal account fund it with $8000 and send to me the account detail to make the payment.

    • admin says:

      To fund your paypal account its 195 naira per dollar.Check our contact address to get how to contact us

  12. ezra says:

    i would like to transfer fund from my paypal account to my bank account so how can i do it i use diamond account

  13. Abayomi says:

    Taiwo, I need your assistance in Opening my PayPal account and also in Operating it. I also need your mobile number and Email for me to be able to communicate with you.

  14. Ndu Best says:

    I want to open up a paypal acccount. for doing online shopping , paying for dating sites onbline. How do i go about it ?

  15. chuks says:

    i want to fund my paypal and how do i transfer money from my paypal to my bank ccount

  16. Abiodun says:

    You guys are just simply superb. Within less than 30 minutes i paid into your bank account and sent the details, my paypal account got funded.

    Without even knowing you in person but only through google search, mark it, your services are going places in the epayment industry in Nigeria.

  17. abiodun says:


    Do you buy paypal as well?

    • admin says:

      I dont buy paypal but i can help you withdraw from your paypal long as they are genuinely earned funds

  18. i need to add fund on my paypal.we will me. this my bbm pin:32232145

    • admin says:

      I have sent sent you a mail,I can help you fund your paypal account.Its 195 per dollar.the bank details to pay to has been mailed to you

  19. Franklin Okoye says:

    Please I want fund my paypal account. Send me the detail of the bank to pay in. I will transfer the money to your account.

    • admin says:

      I have sent you the bank details,check your email.After payment reply the mail and give detailsof your paypa acct to be funded and it will be done within the hour

  20. chris says:

    Pls I want to find out if I can make payment through my paypal that is not yet verified if you help pay 4 me to the paypal account. I want you to help fund the account but it is not yet verified, can I make use of it to pay 4 a product on another site?

    • admin says:

      what country is the paypal? Are you well equipped with adequate knowledge to operate the paypal account.I can fund it for cost $195 per dollar .If your paypal is asian country u can spend it without verification if the’ve not changed their policy but if its usa yu cant except you add a us card to the account or verify it
      I also make payment for people if you are interested .See details here

  21. collins says:

    Oga please I clearly need how to fund my papal account I have an account with papal but not being able to fund it please reply

  22. jay says:

    My paypal account is uk, how much is pounds? Kindly reply

  23. Mo says:

    Hi,I want to make payment to a paypal do i go about it and do you guys allow walk-ins?

    • admin says:

      yes ,we can do it, how much is involved?paypal funds cost 195 naira per dollar.You credit our account with the equivalent amount and we do it and send you the details adter making the payment.We also allow walk-ins.You can reach us for bank details here:08052445026. Or any other info.We allow walk-ins only by appointment.

  24. mike says:

    Please, how can you help me with my PayPal fund. I need to withdraw the money in naira. Just $100.

  25. mic says:

    Please, i have a paypal account i want to withdraw $100 from. I hope i will be able to get my money in Naira if i transfer the money from my account to your account.

    • admin says:

      B4 i can help. what is the source of your fund?Where did you get it and what country is your paypal?

  26. moses says:

    I am interested in buying about $50 into my pay-pal account. Please I need your account for me to send you the money as for you to fund my PP a/c. Would like to know how much it will cost for that $50.

    • admin says:

      it will cost 9750 naira only.I will send you my bank details to your email.I dont like displaying it here.

  27. sunday says:

    i want to fund my pp account with$80 i want to know d total 2 b deposited and account no

  28. hello am paying for a service online the guy is not a nigerian and only accepts paypal payment is there anyway i can pay you while you help me send the money to him in paypal please get to me via email thanks

  29. Taiwo says:

    Please I want to fund my paypal account with 20usd and I will like you to put me through on how much it cost and also send you account details,in order to make the payment.

  30. Rol says:

    1) I have an unverified paypal account I opened from Nigeria here can u help me and verify it.
    2) I want to pay 5 dollars to a site (Fiverr) can you help me and make the purchase.

  31. Korede says:

    Gud day,i want to sell fund in my 200dollars

    • admin says:

      One of our services is to help people convert their genuinely earned paypal funds to naira.We dont buy paypal BUT WE HELP YOU TO CONVERT IT TO NAIRA. But before we can help,we need to ascertain the source of the fund.One we do that your money will be converted for you within 24hrs.So send a mail to explaining the source of your fund.

  32. ota says:

    pls can you send me your account information, I want to fund my paypal account with $240 and what is the total in Naira.
    Thanks and expecting you.

  33. Eze says:

    Please send me more details on how this works. I have a paypal account with a USA address. The account is still unverified, but it has been active for more than a year now and I can always login from Nigeria using some methods which have proved reliable so far. I want to fund the account and if possible, help me get it verified so it can be fully functional. I await your response.

    • admin says:

      firstly,how have u been loging into it?explain.That will determine whether u can continue with it or not.I also fund,it cost 200 naira per dollar now.I can also verify it for you. YOU WILL GET MORE DETAILS HERE

      • Eze says:

        I use VPN and it has been working so far. I always use another browser to login apart from the normal browser I use always on my system. Thanks for the cookies tip. So, how much to fund and verify the paypal account, or is the verification in the 200 per dollar?