Paypal E-book

Paypal ebook-A lot of clients have been wanting to know the secret of opening and operating a paypal account here in Nigeria,as a result a comprehensive e-book have been written and well compiled showing the step by step process of doing it and safely operating your account .If you want a copy of it and all i contains take a look at it by clicking here .You will even see where i logged into one of  my account in nigeria.


  1. CHIMEX says:

    I need the e-book for paypal account in Nigeria

  2. tony aremo says:

    Pls send your details to me I want to order for virtual us bank account,I have been told that after verification of my paypal I shuld not log in more than once in. a hope to hear from u.thanks

    • bolaji says:

      i’m yet to be convinced there is difference between you and the so called paypal gurus you condemned in one of advertorial piece. after having tested a lot of people and having met with a lot of disappointments, i may be finding difficult to trust you exept you can send your paypalebook to me while i pay later if it works(since you are sure of your claims and to proof you are not one of them)afterall, you wanted us to trust you by first sending moneys to you, you should also be able to trust us

      • admin says:

        Thanks for your comment.Unfortunately there is nothing like that called pay later.A lot of intelligence,time experience went into that ebook.It can never be given free.If you are not convinced then pay for the option of doing it for you.when your account is delivered then u will believe.You can view my video on u tube where I logged into my account and made a payment with it. You will see it on this page

  3. udeme mboho says:

    Hi, i just sign-up and you asked me to check my email for my free e-book download, but its not there.

  4. Gbenga says:

    pls how do i open paypal account or what does it cost to open it