Have you been trying to open a verified PayPal account in nigeria and operate it safely here in nigeria? Or have you opened one yourself and your account got limited the next minute... then...


"Here's The Best solution on how to have a Verified USA PayPal Account And Operate it safely as I do 

wait a minute! watch me  below as I log into one of my paypal accounts here in nigeria

Here is what i'm talking about, checkout PayPal accounts like these :

paypal sample

And this...

another account


Irrespective of what you haveExperienced With PayPal note the following...

  • Your hard earned money should never be risked again, loosing it to PayPal should never be allowed.
  • You don't need to let that profitable internet business pass you by because of lack of  PayPal account. NEVER!
  • Dont listen to those  unnecessary jargons the so called 'experts' are saying  about paypal misleading people.

Do you know  you can have your own USA PayPal accounts in less than 72 hours GUARANTEED?Yeah I mean every word .


Well, I've seen countless number of people loose their hard earned money to paypal.:

 Instances :

 First Instance:

Someone called me from  Offa, Kwara State, he wanted to sell his paypal fund to me, after I approved his fund (he passed my screening), I gave him my paypal account to send the funds while i credit his account. Unfortunately on logging into his account to send the money, he discovered the account was already limited. Up till now he has $140 held in the account. Have you experience same?

Second Instance: 

Another person contacted me he wanted to sell his paypal funds. After screening him, his fund was found to be genuinely earned, so I gave him  my paypal to send the funds to it, unfortunately again he lost the money, paypal limited his account.

Third Instance:

 A  guy from Lagos paid into my account to help fund his paypal account,His name was Charles, As soon as i funded the account for him with $100, his account became limited. He must have done somethings wrong before that will happen.

I can go  on and on to site such pathetic. Checkout the screenshot i made from one of my paypal accounts recently, u can see that the last date of transaction is this month to show you that i use my account without any problem from nigeria.

acct screenshot

I've seen the so called "PayPal experts" talk all sorts of jargons  about opening Paypal and verifying it such as:

"How to Verify PayPal Account with LR", "Open and Verify A PayPal Account in 15 minutes", "Open a PayPal with Your Nigerian IP and Address". The truth of the matter  is that it can be opened but it will never be operational.

Oh My God! This thing has gotten out of hand already. I see a lot of people losing their hard earned money once money is sent to their paypal account.So am out to do something about it urgently

The truth of the matter is that if you are not well equippedwith  the secrets surrounding opening and operating a PayPal account from Nigeria, you'll keep being a victim of limited paypal accounts every time you try it

There are several erroneous teachings going around in town:

markSomebody said that all you need to open a PayPal account is to change your IP using a  proxy and you can operate it safely when you do that... Did they tell you that PayPal is sophisticated and can find out? Despite the successful change of your IP why did paypal still limited your account?Am sure the so called gurus dont have an answer to that.

mark The self acclaimed paypal expert tell you to  get a VCC, and use it to  verify your PayPal . Do they know  that there is a difference  between physical cards and vcc sometimes and paypal can detect that through the  validity period of the card? 

mark Do the self acclaimed  'PayPal experts' teach you what to monitor when login in to your PayPal account? Did they educate you to login to your PayPal  only when you have a transaction to do like buying or sending money?

The truth of the matter is that if you rush into  opening paypal account  without adequately equipping yourself with the sectrets needed to safely operate your account, you will definitely loose money along the way .Am sure you don't want to loose money likewise I dont want that to happen to you; therefore I've come with a durable solution that will finally end all your PayPal problems .


Therefore, Are You Set for a Genuine Solution ?

In order to solve this PayPal problem, I have recently liaise worked out a Solution with a firm to supply us  verified US PayPal  accounts for few selected few  Nigerians and residents of other PayPal blacklisted countries.That is to say that the service will only be available to genuine netpreneurs who will appreciate it and will never abuse the previldge. If you would want to seize this opportunity to have a US PayPal for yourself, you need to go through the following information carefully:

Only 60 business minded people will benefit in this paypal account opening service!

Here's how it goes:

mark The first 15 people to place their order for a US PayPal will pay N6,500... slots exhausted!

mark The next 10 persons will have to pay N8,500 only... slots exhausted!

mark The next 15 persons pay N9,500  slots about to go! expires in the next 24 hours from today;

mark The last 18 will pay the normal price of N10,000

mark Any other person interested after the 60 slots are gone will have to pay the actual price of N12,000. After all the so called PayPal gurus who dont know anything charge as much as N30,000 for this service alone. And they give you rubbish..


Okay... Before You  Place Your Order, Here's a 100% Money Back Guarantee If You Don't Get A US Verified PayPal Account within 72 Hours:

 Yo may be wondering if this is authentic because of your bad pastexperiences. Therefore, I declare:

" I'll  be glad to refund your full money with no questions asked if you order for your account and you get a disappointed as a result of not getting your paypal account

You can  see that you've got nothing to loose?


 Here are a few benefits of using our service:

mark A  dully  verified US paypal account.

markPersonal support from me on any issue you need help for on paypal issue,putting you through what to do with your account and what not to do. I will personally meet you online to hand over the account to you too and take you by the hand and  teach you how to operate it safely.

mark If you need funds in your account i will fund it for you at the  rate  lower than the current market rate.

markOne hour with you online -chance to ask me any question  on paypal  you want to know using messanger or skype.This alone is worth $100.I can only accomodate  60  people as stated above.





How to obtain your own PayPal Account sharp sharp!

Check and pay the current amount into the bank account details below (the faster you are the better price bargain you get):

Bank                      Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB)

Account Name:      Olayanju Taiwo

Account Number:   0029651709

Or If you are orderig from other countries.Pay with Perfect  $55to account number U1444671

After payment, email us the following details to admin@epaymentexpert.com

  • Your full names.

  • Your email address

  • Your payment teller number or put internet banking  if you use that

  • Your payment location.

Once your  payment is confirmed , your order will be carried out and we will get back to you before 72 hours is over.

NB: Its up to you if you want to continue to be eluded from genuine online businesses or you want to act fast and get your own paypal account.

To Your Success,

Taiwo Olayanju


NB: Why did I promise to deliver  your US PayPal account within 72 hours 20 minutes unlike other people? Theis is because I want to do a ggod job by taking my time to get the job done well..

NB: Remember, don't mind anybody promising to open a PayPal account for you in 20 minutes. It's all deceitIf you doubt me try one of them.Note that you will even see people who will tell you they will open a verified paypal account for N3,000 but do they even have one for themself ? if they do is it functional?


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