How to Open, Verify &, Fund A Functional And Accessible Paypal Account In Nigeria Without Fears!

Do You Really Want To Open, Verify and Fund A Functional / Accessible PayPal Account Even If Your Country Is Banned By PayPal?

If Yes, then read on because I have a COMPLETE SOLUTION waiting for you.Before you go on watch me log into one of my accounts,this is to show you its very possible to own a paypal account in nigeria: 

Because of the way Nigerians (and some other countries) were isolated when it comes to online payments, I had to dig DEEP and come out with a solution.The burden to nail paypal started before I went for internet marketting training with "Lateef Olajide" a seasoned marketter in August 2008.

There has been 
ONE SERIOUS problem to surmount, and that was PayPal. They have dealt with so many people including those countries that can legitimately open and verify a PayPal account. Space will not be enough to tell stories about their "WICKEDNESS" here. They are too numerous to mention.

And that was the reasons  I came out with a POWERFUL, PICTORIAL, STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE on How To Open, Verify and Fund A Functional / Accessible PayPal Account Anywhere In The World.

paypal ebook

So, in November, 2010 I came out with a service that has helped hundreds of people to secure Premium PayPal accounts from a Premier country which I will not mention its name here because of safety.

Now what am going to do is to hand over  to a few people my SECRET in a comprehensive way – the same strategies I use to open and verify PayPal accounts for my clients all over the world.When I say a few I mean a few.Because I've discovered whenever a secret is  made available to too many people it will soon be abused.

The secrets in this book cannot be found anywhere else.

So, in this letter, I’m not going to write all the sales letter HYPES and BULLSHITS coz I don’t know who is reading this. Maybe PayPal staffs are equally reading it, so I have to be economical with words. I don’t want them to discover our SECRETS. It’s only left for you to ACT now.

I will just highlight a few things covered in the ebook. It is better you get the package and see for yourself for it is well-loaded with all the stuffs that I know about PayPal.

Here are a few things you will learn from paypal ebook package:

bullet pointHow to open and verify a functional paypal account

bullet point How to get a web-server that will give you a dedicated IP. This IP address is only meant for you and no other person.

bullet point I will show you where to get tools including VISA card with Address Verification System (AVS) to verify your PayPal account.

bullet pointWhere to get the bank account  for  verifying your paypal account

bullet pointI will show you how to logging and  what to do first before logging into your paypal account
bullet point I will show you what to do and what not to do so that your PayPal account will not be limited.
bullet pointHow to purchase from clickbank with your paypal account-

bullet point Starting a subscription, stopping a subscription and managing a subscription such that your account is preserved

bullet pointMaking a Payment button for your website

bullet point  How not to get scammed! etc...

So Taiwo,whats the price?

From the above, you will see that the package would have cost you N15,500.00 to secure.

So, instead of beating about the bush to tell you how much to pay, I will ASK you to pay
N3,500 3000 or $30 $25to get it

However, we have 100 20 SLOTS at that price. When those slots are gone, you will have to pay N4,500 or $45 to get it.

20 SLOTS AVAILABLE FOR N3,500...... RUSH NOW! The remaining 30 slots will go for 5,500. No More no less.

Now,How do i make payment?

If you are in Nigeria, just rush to any GTBank Plc around you and make payment for this Superb-PayPal package using the bank account details below

GTBank Plc.
Account No: 002 965 1699

If you are not in Nigeria but want to get my PayPal eBook package, then do make payment using Liberty Reserve.

Liberty Reserve


Account Number: U3802951

After payment, send your payment details to: using the format below:

1. Your Names (for bank depositors, it should be names on the teller)
2. eMail address
3. Your contact address
4. Phone number
5. Bank or e-currency account paid into
6. Teller number (for bank depositors) or batch number (for e-currency)
7. Amount paid either in Naira or Dollars

Once I get the correct info, I will consult my bankers or e-currency account and if positive, I will send the package as an attachment through email back to you.

Remember, this is a
GREAT Opportunity and it needs QUICK ACTION or you lose out Completely.

Rush now and place your order before I close the levels that are
DEAD-CHEAP or close this offer forever.

I’m standing to receive your order.

I’m committed to your success,

Taiwo Olayanju

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