Virtual Us Bank Account

We supply virtual US bank account (vba) for  verifying your US paypal account .Just Place your order through us and you get it sent to you same day.Is for instant verification of your paypal account.You dont need to wait for 2-3 days before getting your account verified.

Nb- Its for the purpose of verifying your paypal account only.


  1. John says:


    I would like to acquire a virtual us bank account that i can use for my PayPal verification. Give me some more details of this virtual bank account,like the price and more details about the virtual bank account itself.


    • admin says:

      its 3500 naira only.You will be provided with the routine number, account number and bank.Its just meant for verification of us paypal only.You cannot operate it at.It will come with information to verify your paypal instantly.

      • Abdulhakeem says:

        What account do I pay into for virtual bank. I also want to know if you sell virtual cards for pp verification

        • admin says:

          yes i do sell cards for pp verification too.What country do you want?i will send you the account through email i cant display it here.check your email

  2. francis says:

    Send me details on how i can verify US paypal account (including US Bank, virtual Address, Telephone). Do you have a US phone no. i can use to call and receive text messages?


  3. Dikibujiri Akinda says:

    Thank u for your information.

  4. wale says:

    please i need u.s bank acct for verification

    • olayanjugto says:

      I have already supplied this to you.Thanks for your patronage.Pls help spread the word about our services.Thanks

  5. wale says:

    do you also buy paypal/

  6. Islam says:

    I am an ex-patriot in Nigeria, i need u.s bank acct for verification.

    • olayanjugto says:

      ok,pay 3500 to my account and you\’ll be supplied with one usbank account. my account details was sent to you earlier.But you need more information to be able to operate paypal successfully in nigeria.get more details here I can also open it for you and teach you how to operate it successfully in nigeria

  7. williams says:

    i need virtual bank for paypal, is it instant verification or do i need to wait for 3days, and how does it work, because the last time i checked the instant verification procedure, it requested for my phone number, how will you beat this

  8. Bobsi says:

    how much will you open for me and teach me all I need to know to operate it successfully? my email is

  9. jamal says:

    hey how do i get a U S phone number an adress and a paypal account

  10. shittu murphy says:

    pls i need your account number where i can send money to buy vba and how much does it go for…urgent pls

  11. Murphy says:

    I need VBA for paypal verification, i can i order for it? Reply as soon as possible……

    • admin says:

      yes u can order for it , it cost 4000 naira. i will send details of account to pay to into ur email

  12. King says:

    Can this virtual bank account verify a limited paypal account?

    • admin says:

      yes it can

      • Solomon says:

        If the virtual USA bank account is meant for verification only, how then can I withdraw funds from a PayPal account I’ve been operating for not less than 6 years now?

        • admin says:

          Its for verification only.If you have any genuinely earned funds in your paypal lets know we will help you withdraw it.It will only cost you $10 or 10% if higher than $100

  13. Emmanuel says:

    pls need virtual us bank account

    • admin says:

      it will cost you 4000 naira. pay into our acct and we will send it to you.gtbank,olayanju taiwo,0029651709

  14. charles says:

    pls i want to have my own paypal alc

  15. keneboy says:

    Please send me account details and instructions for virtual us bank account. Thanks

  16. Kabiru says:

    Pls i need your assistance on paypal equiry… Am into a survey n i need to withdraw my money. Please do u have number inwhich i can reach u?

  17. aoiul says:

    Please send me account details and instructions for virtual us bank account. Thanks

  18. Nnamdi says:

    Dear i need a visual bank account for verification of paypal account,email me the procedures at,

  19. odeyemi moses says:

    How much does $50 cost and how can we buy from you.

    • admin says:

      9750 naira only. Pay into our bank account and then send your paypal email and payment details to us.Note that the bank account to pay to is sent to your email.